Meet the Director

Barbara Dalton is the FiT Publishing director of the International Center for Performance Excellence (ICPE) in the College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (CPASS) at West Virginia University.  Barbara has been at WVU for over 19 years and has worked at ICPE and its publishing division, FiT Publishing (FiT), since 2007. Barbara and her husband Gary are business owners of a well-established successful company (CFT INC) that her and her husband formed 29 years ago. This business has given Barbara the advantage and insight into the intricacies of running a company the size of FiT Publishing.

The ICPE, has strengthened existing relationships and formed new partnerships and publishing alliances with professional organizations in the last few years.  The partnerships, as well as translation rights agreements in several different languages for many of its publications and agreements with international distributors worldwide, have strengthened FiT Publishing’s standing as a leading global sport sciences publisher.

For more information, Contact Barbara Dalton at or 304.293.0877